File Viewer Plus 4.1 Crack + Activation Key Free Download

File Viewer Plus 4.1 Crack is an advanced file viewer and converter that supports over 300 file formats. Examples include Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, camera raw files, audio files, videos, compressed archives, etc. The program even shows file properties and hidden metadata for every file you open. File Viewer Plus is not only a file viewer but also a file editor and converter. You can edit many popular file types and save them in different formats. File Viewer was designed from the ground up with a brand new user-friendly interface. Plus, you’ll find dozens of enhanced file viewing and editing features. And a brand new file detection system will help solve those “unknown file” problems once and for all.

File Viewer Plus 4.1 Crack + Activation Key Free Download

File Viewer Plus 4.1 Crack + Activation Key Free Download

File Viewer Plus Activation Key is known as an all-in-one tool because this single application can support many different types. File Viewer Plus, while you will find many graphic site visitors, media players, or storage devices that can open files stored in a large number of types, you have to use multiple applications to manage all files. It can help you edit your documents and consists of batch copy tools available. Usually, you won’t need to buy separate programs to perform many tasks, this dedicated application will solve all your problems and provide you with various functions and applications. It can support various files like PDF, temp files, Exceed spreadsheets very easily.

Why pay for dozens of programs when you only need one? The viewer supports over 300 file types. This means you don’t need to buy expensive programs to view unknown files. Just install File Viewer Plus Crack and open over 300 different file types with just one application. Although there are many image viewers, media players, or archive tools that can open files saved in a wide range of formats, you usually need to use multiple applications to manage all your documents, media files, and archives. File Viewer Plus gives you an alternative as it is designed to work as an all-in-one file management solution, supporting hundreds of formats. It can also help you edit your files and includes a handy batch converter.

A powerful utility that allows you to open and edit multiple file types

The supported file formats are too many to list, but you can refer to the list provided on the developer’s homepage if you need more information.

Most importantly, the app can open PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, media files saved in most common formats, ZIP and 7z archives, Windows CAB files, and Android packages.

In addition, many file types can be edited and you can, for example, crop images, make adjustments, and apply visual effects.

Provides you with an all-in-one batch file converter

File Viewer Plus is an excellent tool for users who need to convert their images, documents, videos, or songs to other formats, especially if they have to deal with a large number of files. You can even create conversion presets and use them later when redoing the same job.

Optimized and intuitive user interface

The app’s user interface has a simple and thoughtful layout, and you can change it by hiding the file info panel, toolbar, or status bar. Additionally, files can be viewed in full-screen mode.

In conclusion, File Viewer Plus is an all-in-one software solution that allows you to open, edit and convert files saved in an impressive array of formats. It is very easy to use and has a modern and intuitive user interface.

One program, hundreds of file formats

File Viewer Plus 4 opens over 400 file formats. View dozens of common file types such as Office documents, PDFs, and image files with one program. Play hundreds of audio and video file formats with the built-in media player. Unzip the archives with a file unzip tool.

You can also open less common file formats with File Viewer Plus. View Microsoft Project and Visio documents. Open source files with syntax highlighting. Opening email attachments and downloads. If you have unknown files on your computer, try File Viewer Plus.

More than just a file viewer

With File Viewer Plus, you can not only open hundreds of file formats but also edit, save and convert files.

Edit your Word document and save it as a PDF. Crop a raw image from a digital camera and export it to JPEG format. Convert thousands of files at once with the built-in batch converter.

Never stop browsing files

File Viewer Plus 4 introduces an all-new file browser that makes it easier to navigate through folders and files on your PC. You can now open folders and view the contents of directories in the app. Quickly scan hundreds of files and view file previews right in the file browser. Save your favorite places for quick access.

Key Features of File Viewer Plus Crack:

  • Open over 300 file formats
    View and convert hundreds of file formats without buying expensive 3rd party software! Prepare for Microsoft with support for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, and Project files. Play and convert almost any audio or video file. View and edit dozens of bitmap, vector, and raw image types from over 600 different camera models. Open email files, extract attachments, and more.
  • Extended file identification
    Every time you open a file, new file identification technology determines the file format, regardless of the file extension. This makes this software an invaluable tool for opening unknown files and files with missing or incorrect file extensions.
  • Edit, save, and convert files
    This program is not just a file viewer. It is also a reliable file editor and converter. Edit Microsoft Word documents and save your changes. Edit images with the advanced image editor and save the resulting file in several different formats. Convert dozens of audio and video formats to different types of media files, all with one application.
  • Lightning Batch Convert
    Do you have a lot of files to convert? With this tool, you can convert hundreds or even thousands of files at lightning speed. Convert Microsoft documents, PDF files, media files, text documents, and more. After creating a batch conversion job, you can save your settings so that you can reuse the same settings.
  • View file properties and metadata
    Have you ever wondered what hidden information is stored in your files? Find out with FileViewerPlus! The app displays both file properties and metadata for each file you open. View EXIF ​​data for images such as digital photos and raw camera files. View codecs of audio and video files. See information about the author and the source of the documents. Use the software’s dashboard to reveal hidden data in all file types.
  • Check your files
    Drag and drop any file into the viewer. In the rare case that FileViewer Plus cannot display the original view of a file, you can use the text and hexadecimal views to check the contents of the file. These views allow you to look “inside” a file, providing valuable information, especially for unknown file types. You can even search the content stored in the file! Icon view allows you to view all sizes of file icons.

File Viewer Plus 4.1 Crack + Activation Key Free Download

What’s new in the File Viewer Plus Activation Key?

  • It is possible to print images in formats such as Gif, Dicom, and Tiff.
  • Additionally, many advanced image formats are featured.
  • Several international languages ​​allow you to communicate with many people around the world.
  • Many bugs are now fixed and bugs removed to make a perfect project.
  • After all, go from Pcd format to batch files in no time.


  • Delivers results at a very high speed while data is being edited.
  • Support for all new features without any issues.
  • It does not affect overall system performance.

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Required configuration:

  • Operating system: Windows for all versions.
  • RAM: two GB
  • Hard disk: one GB

How to install save and use File Viewer Plus Crack Latest Version?


Full File Viewer Plus Crack Although there are many image viewers, media players, or archive tools that open files saved in a wide variety of formats, you usually have to use multiple applications to manage all your documents, files multimedia, and archives. File Viewer Plus is an alternative because it is designed to work as a single file management solution, offering support for many formats. It can also help you edit your files and includes a handy batch converter.

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